Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Pool and a Baby Bird.

Do you think I love my dogs too much?  The kids get to play with the hose but the dogs get a pool!!

Yup, that's a pool alright!  A plastic pool from K-Mart (they were close.  Don't judge me.)  Pickles really loves it but Nea, not so much.  But Mac, they're a Pit and an AmStaff!  Why would you put them in a pool?  They're not water Labs there.  Well, Pickles is.  She jumps right in.  She even gets a running start and jumps in!  She loves it!  Nea, not so much.  Pickles splashes about and gets wet.  Nea, not so much.  Pickles is wagging her tail and having fun!  Nea, not so much.  You can see where this is going.  Nea doesn't like the water but let the pool be empty and I can't get her out of it!

So now the pool is empty and they're playing in it; Nea won't get out!  She just stands there and watches Pickles jump in an out.  Okay, I wish you all could be in my backyard to see this:  Pickles is staring at the hose then she looks at me!  "Daddy!  We need water!" she seems to say.  "Pickles, Nea doesn't need water.  Look at her.  She's happy" I say.  "But Daaaaaaaaady!" replies Pickles "I want water"!  "I know Pickles, but not right now.  After lunch" I say.  "Okay..." she says as she walks away sad and dejected.  "Thanks, Daddy" Nea says.  "I don't like the water."  "I know, Nea, but we can try some later.  It's fun to splash about!" I told her.  "But if you try it, you may like it.  Pickles does."  "You're not really helping your point, Daddy.  Pickles is weird!" said Nea.  "She thinks she's a Labrador!"   "Nea!  That wasn't nice!" reminding her to mind her manners.  "Sorry, Daddy."

At least Pickles is deaf and didn't hear this, right?

Then, I saw the sweetest thing in Dogdom.  Nea was laying in the pool...minding her own business when Pickles walked with something in her mouth.  "Oh, now what!?" I thought.  Pickles gently steps into the pool and puts whatever is in her mouth in the pool right beside a present.  Pickles looks up at Nea and the two look at each other then Nea at the "gift".  Now I'm wondering what this "gift" may be so I get up (sitting only a couple feet away, mind you) and see that it's A DEAD BABY BIRD!!  "Pickles!" I scream!  "Where in the hell did you get a dead baby bird!"  "What?  This?" she said as she looks at the bird, "it's a present for Nea!"  "I can see that, Pickles, and that was very nice" I told her "but where did you get a dead baby bird?!"  "Over there!"  "Thank you, Pickles, but you and Nea can't have a dead baby bird to play with.  It could make you sick!"  "Let me have that, Pickles, so I can bury it" I told her.  "Okay, Daddy."  I buried the bird in the trees just outside my fence and gave it a moment of silence.

So I look where she came from just before I see the bird and there is a brick turned up and a hole in the fence.  I guess it came from there but thankfully there were no more.

Doggie pools and dead baby birds as gifts!  Aren't dogs wonderful!?  I know mine are!


  1. Poor little baby bird!!!

  2. Never scream at a doggy who brings you a present of any kind (including a dead bird) that is such a showing of love! Maybe she's trying to make better friends with Nea :) a DEAF DOG!! PSYCH!!!

  3. Not screamed at as in "bad dog" but more of "where in the hell did you get that"! Two completely different things.