Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stuff that happens in the Mornings!

Up at 0500 (I'm working evening shift so I get to sleep in until then and take a nap later) and get the pups up.  You all know the routine by now so not gonna cover it again.  Set the alarm.  Lock the door.  Leave the yard.  Down the alley to the street.  So far, not thinking about too much but when we round the corner, I start.

"Nea is walking good on the leash today."  "Pickles is all over the road.  She would walk a lot less if she walked a straight line."  "Oh crap, there's a cat!  I hope Nea doesn....she saw it!"  "Good, the cat saw us and ran away.  She ran away, Nea!  Let her go!"  "Okay, she forgot about the cat.  Good."  "It's hot out here.  Well, not so much hot but sticky."  "I wonder if it's sticky in Alaska?  Never mind, Donna wouldn't go and I'd never find white dogs in the snow."  "Good Nea.  You're walking good today."  "Look!  The morning guy is at Buzzy's!  I don't usually get to see him."  "Damn!  A squirrel!  And he's just sitting there!  Come on, Nea, let's run!  He'll run away!"  "Oops, he ran under a car and a bird flew out the other end of the same car!!  It's like I'm a magician!  Too funny!"  "Okay, Nea.  He's gone.  It was just a squirrel.  Yes, I know you don't like them."  "Walking makes my feet hurt.  Maybe I need new shoes.  They're $100.00.  Ouch!  I'll wait until after vacation."  "Nea, why are you stopping in the midd......."  "Poop!!  Really?"  You stopped to poop in the middle of the road!?"  We're on Broad Street!  I guess you had to go!"  "Well, it's easier to pick up when it's not in the grass!"  "Why is that radio always on?  They never turn it off!  Weird."  "We're at the park!  Puppy free time!"  "You can do whatever you want now, Nea!"  "So you sit.........  Hhmmmm.....well, it's your time so have at it."  "What are you smelling now?  Are you a narcotics dog?  Are you looking for something"  "Let's walk over here so I can throw this road poop away."  "The trash can is right there and there's trash on the ground beside it.  Are you kidding me?  Can you not be bothered with putting the trash in the can?  Lazy people."  "Look, Nea, there's the statue.  Up on the base!  Good jump!"  "Alright, heading for home now."   "Where's Pickles?  There she is...with mommy."  "Another squirrel.  Okay, Nea, leave it alone.  He doesn't want to play with you."  "Hey, there's Lee Ann's house.  Remember, you met Carby!"  "Yeah, I'll walk Pickles now."  "Hi, Pickles!  Did you have a good walk with mommy?  Good!"  "Why can't you walk in a straight line?  People will think you're drunk!"  "Damn, not that squirrel again.  Don't those things live in trees?  Why are they on the groun......Pickles!  She saw it!  Pickles!  He doesn't want to play with you, either.  No, I don't think we can chase this one and it'll turn into a bird!  I only had one trick left."  "I bet you're tired (tongue hanging out now).  I'm tired too.  Just wait until next week and we start to run sometimes.  Not too much further."  "Look!  Another cat!  You guys should be inside."  "I know you want to play, Pickles, but they don't see it that way!"  "Thirsty?  Me too. Two more blocks."  "Woo hoo!  We're home!"  "Let's take that collar off.  Now, sit still!  Quit jumping!  Don't do that!  Ouch!!  That's how you hurt your ears!"  "Breakfast!  Yummmmm."

What?!  Did you guys think I was solving world hunger?  Bringing peace to the Middle East?  I'm walking my dogs.  Just after I get up.  No deep thoughts or anything out there.  More like an inner monologue and talking to my deaf-ies as I'm walking along.  I talk to them all of the time.

They many not be able to hear, but they can see your lips move and are very intuitive so they "know" when they're doing right and, conversely, when they're messing up.  They constantly look back to see if you're there even though they can feel you at the other end of the leash.

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  1. Every morning we do this...we like it but I think they LOVE it! It helps tire them out so we can have a little more petting time versus...stop it!! They are deaf after all and can't hear us say it!