Monday, June 6, 2011

They put him down today.


They put Ice down today.  In his photograph, he looks like he's waving goodbye.  Like he knows what is going to happen.  Maybe he's seen too many of his friends disappear behind a door never to be seen again.  

The owner surrendered him because of allergies.  ALLERGIES!!  Are you fucking kidding me?  Why would you not know you were allergic to dogs BEFORE you got the dog!?  The owner had to be a moron!  Asshat!  Why would you take him to a kill shelter.  I know, maybe you didn't know.  Maybe you didn't care!  He's out of your life so it doesn't matter anymore, right?!  How about this:  why don't we take you to a shelter, let you live in a small cage for a couple of week, forming some kind of relationship with the person that feeds you and cleans your poo then, just as you start to feel safe...we kill you!  That's just an idea but I'm spit-balling here.  I have other ideas but I think you get my point.  

To Ice:
I'm so sorry that there was no one there to love you and give you hugs.  I'm sorry that the one person you thought was going to be your forever human turned out someone with no soul.  I'm sorry they took you to a kill shelter and I wish someone would have made you their forever friend.  I never met you but please know I love you and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  You're free to play with the angels now and they won't hurt you.  They will love you, play fetch and give you hugs.  They will never hurt you and you will never be hurt again.

Please know you will never be forgotten.  

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