Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I almost got thrown out of Petsmart!

So, I got plenty of sleep last night (although it was a bit warm upstairs) and had breakfast so I can't blame it on either one of those.  I walked the dogs and there were no problems there and I was in a pretty good mood.

I had to take Zach to school this morning then to Petsmart, in Mechanicsville, to get the Deli Fresh Pet food.  Everyone knows how I love the raw diet so I plug it every chance I get.  The kids went to the Petsmart on Laburnum Avenue on Sunday but they were out of the six pound tubes.  Anyway, this is where the problem started.

I had to kill some time because Petsmart didn't open until 0900 so I sat in the parking lot and got on Facebook and played some Angry Birds.  Still in a good mood, mind you.  And then Petsmart opened.  There were several people by the door so I let them all rush in.  Since they were standing by the door, waiting for the store to open, they were in a bigger hurry than I was so in ya go!  It was a few minutes after nine when I went in but before I could enter, there was an older female, wearing pajamas and walking a tan-ish fluffy dog that was about the same size and Pickles (who was not with me) who was just passing the register and bought nothing. Bought nothing!!   I saw the clerk giving her a dirty look then the older woman said, "well, that's your job".  Just then, I saw three piles of dog poop on the floor that this woman's dog had "left".  So me, thinking maybe...just maybe...she didn't know SHE was supposed to clean up the poop said politely (at first) "ma'am, you're supposed to clean up after your dog" to which she replied "that's why they're here".  In that one sentence, I had all I could take.  "Ma'am!" I said "you really should get back here and clean this up!"  I could not believe I was having this exchange with a grown and older than me person.  "That's their job!" she snorted.  Too late, asshole mode engaged!  "Get yourself back here and clean this up!!" I yelled!  I was beyond furious at this point.  "Uh, sir?" the manager said.  "What?!" was my reply and when he saw my face, he decided he wanted me mad at her and not him and said nothing.  "You can't speak to me like that!" the woman said.  "No, I SHOULDN'T speak to you like that nor should I have to speak to you at all about this but you're too rude to let it go!!"  At that point, she walked away and discretion being the better part of valor, I let her go because it was only going to get worse from there.  I could not believe that I had to have this conversation with a grown person.  I could see if, maybe, it was some kid who was walking the dog while his mother shopped on the other side of the store but oh no...this was supposed to be an adult!

I walked over to the paper towels and spray bottle to clean the poop up myself because it is not their job to clean up after "your" dog in the Petsmart.  The manager quickly stopped me and said he would handle it and he is to be commended on his quick attention to detail and for leaving me alone whilst I chastised that "person" because I could see him getting yelled at for stopping me from yelling at her!

At the register, the clerk, who was caught between the woman and I during that exchange, thanked me for speaking to the "woman" in such a manner.  I told her it was not a problem.  "That woman deserved far worse than what she got", I said.  The clerk said it happens all of the time to which I was floored.  I cannot believe that someone would bring their pet into a store, let them pee and poop about then leave it there for "them"(quoting the woman from earlier) to clean up!  You don't deserve a dog, you asshat!!  Irresponsible dog owners give us all a bad name!

You'll be happy to know that I'm calm now and my blood pressure is almost back to normal.

"But Mac, how did you almost get thrown out" you ask?  I didn't but it makes for a good headline, huh?

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