Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sibling Rivalry: I Just Don't Get It!

I just don't get sibling rivalry.  You compete with and against each other for your parents attention.  Okay, I kinda get that but fighting?  Come on!

I know some of you will find this hard to believe but I'm an only child.  I know, I seem so well adjusted, not spoiled or anything. You all may stop laughing at any time now.  I never had to compete for my parents' attention.  I got all of it...all of the time...whether I wanted it or not!  I'm not really complaining because it made me the way I am so thanks mom (RIP) and dad!  Remember yesterday's post:  I was born this way.

Back to sibling rivalry.  I just don't get it so let me explain.  We get the pups up in the morning for their walk and the minute their feet hit the floor it's' "hi Daddy! Look at me!  I'm here"!  I know you are, Pickles but I need to give Nea some rubs too.  "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" says Nea, as she jumps about trying to squeeze her way between Pickles and I.  Now its downstairs and into the kitchen.  They get a quick drink of water then their morning "vitamin" (chamomile and tryptophan).  Now it's time for collars and walk.

Nea walks in front with me and Pickles behind with Momma but there's no real reason for this; just kinda happens that way.  But no worries, we switch after a while because if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes.  Besides, I get to walk behind Momma now (insert evil grin here)!  Later in the walk we switch dogs so that no one feels like they're getting more time with the other parent.  So we head back home and some side-by-side walking...which actually goes well.  Most of the time.

Now we're back home and then, "it" starts.  What is "it" you wonder?  Well, let me explain:  "Daddy, look at me" Pickles seems to say so she gets some pats on the head.  "Daddy, Daddy!  Look at me"! yells Nea so now she gets pats on the head.  Pickles buts in with "Daddy!  Look at me!  I'm right her...ouch, Nea!"  Yup, Nea gave Pickles a little "love bite".  "Daddy, Nea bit me!"  "I bet she did, Pickles" I say.  "You got your pats and Nea was getting hers when you butted in.  I hope you learned a lesson."  Yeah, no.  "Nea, don't bite Pickles" I say"  "Okay, Daddy, I won't".  Yeah, right.  "Daddy, Daddy!  Look at me!  Pet me on the hea...ouch, Pickles!"  says Nea.  You guessed it, Pickles bit Nea.  "Well Nea" I say "you did bite her when she was doing the same thing you were doing."  "I know, Daddy" Nea says "but I just wanted you to pat me."  "I was patting you, Nea, until Pickles butted in" I say.  "Pickles, don't bite Nea again."  "Okay" says Pickles.  "I won't."  Uh huh.  I turn my back, for two minutes, to start their breakfast and "it" starts...again.

Pickles bites Nea.  Nea bites Pickles.  Nea runs away and Pickles is in pursuit.  From the kitchen...through the dining room...down the hall and into the den and up onto the sofa, couch, duvet or whatever you call it.  More biting and gnashing of teeth.  Mind you, none of this is harsh or in anger...yet.  I get between them and make them stop.  [Aside:  I make our kids stop fighting too so see, it's not just doggie sibling rivalry that I don't understand.  Donna says to let them figure it out but I, as a parent, am not worried about right or wrong.  In the words of Bill Cosby "parents are only interested in quiet!]

So they stop. Aawwww.......  What a happy ending to this story...if it actually ended there but as you, as fans of the Deaf Dog Blog, know nothing stops with them...ever!  I walk back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast (Nature's Deli and a raw egg) but before I LEAVE THE ROOM they're back at it again!  "Crap!  I give up!  Just kill each other and I'll hide the bodies!" I say.  As I begin to fix breakfast Pickles runs down the hall,with Nea in pursuit, into the kitchen and sees the and miraculously they are no longer fighting.  They are both sitting there, watching me like I'm painting the Sistine Chapel.  Pickles eats in the kitchen and Nea in the dining room so there's no fighting there but as soon as they're finished, they switch places and lick each other's bowls clean.  Once that's over, it starts all over again!  They will do this running and fighting until their tongues hang out of their heads!

At about 0900, it's time for a nap.  Just like a fricking toddler.

When I get home from work, it's the same thing.  Jumpy, jumpy everywhere! " Daddy, look at me", Nea says but Pickles jumps on top of her yelling louder, "No, Daddy! Look at me!"  Back and forth and back again.  This goes on for a moment or so then they realize that they are...gasp...together!  That is when the playing starts.  At first, playful enough...jumping on each other and actually kinda cute...until one of them, and it's usually Nea, has had it with the other and yells, "STOP"!  Pickles just doesn't seem to get it.  She keeps on.  "STOP" says Nea with some bites to Pickles' ears.  Do you think Pickles gets it?  Nope.  So I let it go for a minute because they have to figure this out.  "F%*KING STOP" says Nea with a harder bite but you guessed it, Pickles missed the boat.  The hell with the boat, she wasn't near the water!  So now it's time for Daddy to step in and stop this so I do.  No more shenanigans!!

See, I just don't understand it.  If you behave yourself, there is plenty of hugs and kisses to go around.  Please don't make me referee a fight...every day...several times a day!

Remember, parents are not interested in who's right or wrong.  We're only interested in quiet.  Ssshhhhhh.......

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  1. Donna is right, you have to let them figure it out. As soon as they settle into each other, it should decrease. However, since they can't hear each other, it might be a sometimes thing. Radar and Clifford do it at least once a day if not more, mainly because Clifford is constantly checking to make sure Radar hasn't forgotten she's the Queen. Trust me, she hasn't, but you can't blame the dog for trying to talk her out of it I guess.

    Your friendly bully lover of a neighbor,