Monday, May 23, 2011

Morning Walk

Man, does 0430 hours come early or what?!  That's what time we get up to walk the doggies and get the kids to school.  Well, at least two of the kids as one of them has a trip to Philadelphia this week and the other one gets to drive to school.  Anyway, up with the pups and away with the walk  Both of them were sleeping when we uncovered the crates but were happy so see us and the tails were just wagging away.  Down the stairs and outside, one at a time, to potty.  We've discovered one can't potty when the other is outside.  Shy bladder, perhaps?  Or maybe it's because THEY CAN'T LEAVE EACH OTHER ALONE FOR FIVE SECONDS!  Sorry for yelling.  Now it's time for the chill out treats and some water then on with the walk.  Donna took Pickles and I had Nea and it went fine, as long as Pickles was leading.  It was like she forgot Nea was behind her and she walked along fine.  Two mile walk and a three mile walk for Pickles because she just can't walk in a straight line.  Nea did fine following about 20 feet behind and managed to walk really well for the first time going any distance.  I guess the shelter leash-socialized her which is great for us...thank you Montclair Animal (check out their Facebook Page at  We went to the park and Nea got to sniff around but really only wanted to get to Pickles so we let them play on the leashes during, what I call "puppy free time".  I read somewhere the the human should walk the dog and not the other way around and I've seen so many people being pulled down the street by their pets that this is how we do it:  I walk my dog!  What a thought, right?!  The dogs walks, beside me, under control and without pulling for as long as I want to walk but we stop for some "puppy free time".  That means the dog can do what she wants for a period of time.  Whether its sit there, smell around or just roll in the grass, that is her time to do what she wants  A treat, if you will, for walking so well on the leash.

On the way back, they did well and then we switched pups so one did not feel left out by getting more time with Mommy or Daddy than the other.

At home, it was breakfast of the Fresh Pet Deli Fresh Turkey and Veggie formula. This is a raw diet that Pickles loves and Nea seems to tolerate very well but they have to eat in different rooms with the door closed because Nea will eat hers and then eat Pickles' too!  I'll talk more about the raw diet and commercially made dog food later.  After that was some play and snuggle time then off to the crates for naps while everyone was at work or school.

More to follow!

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