Thursday, June 9, 2011

Walking Two Dogs!

Well, Momma is sick and not feeling good so I was a quiet as I could be and got the pups up by myself this morning for their (and my) walk.  Take off the cover and open Pickles' crate and I have to wake her up as she is sound asleep.  Get it?  Sound asleep!  I crack me up!  Anyway, she's happy to see me and she runs right to Nea's crate and bumps it so when I uncover her crate, she's awake.  Now Nea gets out and it's like they never saw each other, or me, before.  Jumping about and whatnot.  We head downstairs and those two are joined at the hip, as usual.  Once in the kitchen, it's more jumping about and then outside to potty.  We get our chill out treats then time for the leashes.

When I grab the leashes, Nea automatically sits and looks up at me but Pickles...there's no sitting there.  She's jumping about and acting a fool and Nea just looks are her!  Nea must have been chained or strangled as a puppy or had a collar that was too tight because she hates anything that goes over her head.  She looks away, tucks her ears and tail and generally avoids it but she walks so well on the leash.  Pickles, on the other hand, once she calms down doesn't mind the collar that goes on over her head.  So, we get that done; I set the alarm, lock the door and off we go.

I'm thinking, "hmmm, this is going to be a logistical nightmare!  Those two can't be side-by-side without playing so how's this going to work?"  I put Pickles' leash in my left hand and Nea's in my right but I put them both on my left side (just like we've always walked) and off we go.  To the end of the alley, no problem.  Across the street, no problem.  Turn the corner...problem.  Squirrel!  "Look, Daddy!  Squirrel" Nea yells.  "I see, Nea, but he doesn't want to play with you" I tell her.  "Sure he does, Daddy!"  "Okay", I said "we'll see."  And as soon as we got within 20 feet up the tree he goes and Nea looks at me like she lost her best friend.  "I tried to tell you, Nea."  "Why didn't he want to play, Daddy?  I won't hurt him."  "I know that but he doesn't and since you don't speak squirrel or he dog, you can't talk to each other."

So far, so good.  Then they start switching places.  Nea on the outside and Pickles on the inside.  Then they change.  Then again.  And again.  Soon, I have two tangled dogs and a pink and black mess in my hands (that would be the leashes.  Nea's is black and Pickles' is pink.  We couldn't use blue because that was Maddie's color and I don't like red.)  So I decide to separate them with Pickles on the left and Nea on the right and this worked great!  I thought they would try to get to each other or Nea would be confused because we always walked her on the left but nope!  They were great!

We went down to the park and had puppy free time then around the park and back home.  I was really impressed with the way they walked their first time together with only one person walking them.

Deaffies are the best!

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