Friday, July 1, 2011

Save Polar

Polar is an American Bulldog mix that is deaf and lives in Chesterfield County, VA.,  On Wednesday, June 30, 2011, a family, including a six month old child, from Washington State were visiting other family members where Polar lived.  From the news accounts, it was lunch time and the six month old child was left on the floor while the adults went into the kitchen.  Polar made a "noise" and when the family returned to the room, the baby had blood on it.  The child later died at a local hospital.  My heart aches for the family of the child and my prayers and thoughts are with them as they grieve.  But, as a deaf dog advocate, my thoughts now turn to Polar.  What will become of her?  At this time, she is in the care of Chesterfield County Animal Control and her fate is uncertain.  I'm sure there is a certain portion of the population that wants to put Polar to sleep and they have a right to their opinion.  I have spent the last 24 years with the police department and eight years in the United States Air Force defending opinions that I did not like or agree with so they can say what they want.  The owners have already surrendered her and I can completely understand why they would do that and I will defend their decision as well.  I believe Polar needs to be given another chance!  From a report on WRIC Polar came form a line of abusive homes and was thought to have found her forever home with her family.  But now, who knows what will happen to Polar.  

I have discussed the matter with my wife, Donna, and if it is at all possible, we would like to adopt Polar.  If you're reading this, you already know we have two Deaffies so we know how to care for them.  We have the time and patience it would take to take on this task.

Please support us as we try to adopt Polar or at least keep them from putting her to sleep.

As you can see, she is beautiful!  Don't let her last days be in a cold shelter with no one that loves her!


  1. Hey, can you email me at, please?

  2. Please keep your paws crossed for Polar because everything is still up in the air and I have not heard from Chesterfield Animal Control. I hope everything will work out for the best.

  3. Praying you are able to adopt this sweet fur-baby. My heart goes out to the family that lost their little one, and praying the powers in charge see that neglect of the adults in the home, not malicious intent of the dog, were at fault.