Monday, June 20, 2011


We had company over the weekend in the form of two little fuzzballs, Ace and Koda!  They were Golden Retriever mixes that belong to my son's fiance, Liz.  At first I was worried because we were going to have four dogs in the house and two were puppies and they could hear but, as it turned out, there was no need for worry.

The pups arrived in the early afternoon and Pickles and Nea were sleeping (it was time for their afternoon nap).  We had the pups in the kitchen and got Pickles up from her nap first.  Pickles came to the kitchen, saw the pups and was very happy.  She sniffed them and started to play with them right away!  Nea came next and, seeing the pups, was happy.  They were all smelling each other and it was going pretty good so we all went outside.  This is when the fun began!

The were jumping on each other and having a great time!  No one got mad, there was no growling or teeth showing; just a lot of kisses and playing.  They chased each other around the yard and just had a good time.  The pups were holding their own with Pickles and Nea who were being very gentle.  It seemed as if Pickles and Nea knew the pups couldn't play rough so they didn't.

The pups were very well behaved and only went potty in the house a couple of times which was really good.  They all ate dinner at the same time, in different places, and then played some more before bed.  Pickles and Nea went to bed at their usual time but the pups stayed up late, as appears to be the usual for them.  Everyone slept good that night!

Saturday morning, Pickles got up before the pups and was looking for them but they were still asleep and it was quite funny.  Pickles didn't eat much breakfast because she was looking all about for the pups so Nea got some extra breakfast!

The pups left later that night, after Zach's graduation.  All in all, everyone was well behaved and had a great time!

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