Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pickles' First Thanksgiving

Well, today was Pickles' first Thanksgiving and she made the most of it.  We got up and ate and then off to the park before everyone got up.  We played in the park for a while, until she got tired, but there was a small issue.  There was some strange guy walking up and down the alley doing nothing other than walking back and forth.  I'm not really sure what that was about but Pickles couldn't stop looking at him.  He finally went away and we went home. 

At home, there were smells everywhere!  There was turkey, ham, macaroni, green bean casserole and rolls!  Pickles didn't know what to smell first and her little tail was just a-wagging.  As you can imaging, it was time for a nap.  Then she woke up and time to play...again.  After a few more cycles of naps and playing, the National Dog Show came on and Pickles sat, at least for a few minutes, and watched the dogs on TV.  I had always heard that dogs couldn't see TV (and after some quick Internet searching, I confirmed that) but they can see moving shapes and hear the noises; that doesn't apply to Pickles!  Now, you know that the TV watching didn't last too long with her and then it was play time again.  Then nap.  Then play.  Then nap and you get the picture.  Now it's time for dinner.

We all sat at the table, said grace and the...pig out time!  Turkey, ham, stuffing, green been casserole, rolls, butter beans, corn, macaroni, rice and the rest of the trimmings.  Pickles did well and jumped up only a few times but could easily be redirected to sit.  She had some turkey (I don't know who gave her that) and some of her liver treats (which is freeze-dried liver that Pickles loves) and then we were done.  Just as we finished, Pickles jumped up into the only vacant chair like she was waiting for her plate (damn camera wasn't close enough and she jumped down).

The kids cleaned up while I watched the Lions game (I thought they had it there for a minute) and Donna took a nap on my lap.  Apparently, at one point, Pickles jumped on to the table!  Now, I didn't see it but I could hear the kids yelling "Pickles is on the table!  Pickles, get off the table!"  With Donna napping, I couldn't get up to get a picture but I'm sure that it was too cute!

After playing some more and jumping up and down on Donna, Pickles finally settled in for nap number nine of the day on the love seat and that's where she is now, with her tongue sticking out!

We're going to head to the park in a bit because I'm sure Pickles has stored up some energy that needs to burned off.

Now, what to be thankful for this year:  my wife, Donna, and my family.  My friends that are like family and the ones that aren't but are still friends.  Facebook which has allowed me to keep up with people I've lost touch with and make a few new friends.  My health (such that it is) and seeing another year.  My team at work, that makes work easier when we're handling a case and fun all the time.  For only having 21 months until I can retire.  And finally, Pickles.  I didn't realize I wanted another dog until I saw her and she licked my face.  In a way, Pickles rescued me.  The dog-shaped space that was left when Maddie died was filled with a smaller dog-shaped dog.  Maddie can never be replaced but Pickles loves like Maddie did.  Unconditionally.  Without question.  She was all too cute in the shelter and I knew that no one else wanted her as there were no applications on her and she'd been there for a while.  Who would want a deaf dog?  Why would anyone care about a deaf dog?  She's broken.  Well, she's not broken to me!  She's a symbol of my life and she needed a chance.  Just the way I've been given chances over the years in so many aspects of my life.  I'm thankful for the person that tied Pickles to that tree.  I'm sure, you're asking why am I thankful for some jackass that would tie a dog to a tree but that's an easy one:  Richmond Animal Control found Pickles and brought her to me!  Finally, I'm thankful to Opie who showed me Pickles and told me about the life a deaf dog would have if not adopted.  Thanks, Opie.    

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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