Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The First Visit to the Vet

On Tuesday, we went to the vet for the well-puppy check up and the final distemper shot.  Pickles walked with Donna to the vet and I met them there.  Pickles was a little nervous and a lot rambunctious especially when other dogs and cats would come in.  Pickles got on the scale and she weighed a whopping 25 pounds!  While we were waiting, a Basset Hound came in and they began to sniff each other when Pickles suddenly snapped and lunged but there was no harm done so I held her close until we went into the exam room.

Once in the room, she was on the exam table and she didn't like that probably because it was cold so she didn't sit.  She seemed to like Dr. Jack but was still biting everyone and that has gotten a bit worse as she becomes more comfortable in her new house.  Dr. Jack said she looked fine, gave her the shot and the "new puppy pack" and we were ready to leave.

Pickles seemed to tolerate the vet but charging other dogs is not something that she's going to be allowed to do, at least in my house.  I have a few options for training her and I'm just reading everything there is about training a deaf dog to become an informed daddy and to know which training method is right for her.  Coming up is her first holiday and I know that I am thankful for her and she for us.

Donna bought Pickles two new toys and one of them was a new piece of rope that is red and white and she loves those rope toys!  Later in the day, before the vet, Donna went to the crate and got the other (plain white) rope toy out to play but when Donna threw it and Pickles picked it up, she put it back in her crate.  You see, the white rope toy goes to bed with her every night because she loves it so much and she now thinks this is where it goes and it's for night-night time! AND Pickles lost a tooth!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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