Friday, August 26, 2011

Dad! What's a Hurricane?!

This will be the first storm weathered by the Pittie Trio!  While Dad was busy trying to get the generator running and Mommy was buying food and whatnot, the girls were in the crates getting some nap time.  Mostly because we were all busy scurrying about and some because Pop (my dad) was there and we were working on the generator.  But, alas, no generator.  That will teach me to leave gas in the tank for a long time.  A new carburetor is in order, I think.  So, we have plenty of canned food, dry food and dog food so what else could we ask for?  Oh yeah, beer!  But Daddy has to work all weekend so he couldn't drink the beer anyway.  

We're all talking about Hurricane Irene when Nea comes up and says, "Daddy, what's a hurricane?"  "Well Nea, it's a big storm that has a lot of wind and rain and it lasts for a long time." Nea looked worried.  "What's wrong, Nea?"  "I'm scared, Daddy!  The wind could blow the house away!"  "No, Nee Nee, we're going to be okay" I said.  "Well, what about the rain?  It could wash us down the hill!  I'm scared, Daddy!"  "Nea, we're going to be okay.  This house has been here for 120 years and it's still standing.  We'll be fine."  Nea still looked worried and her tail was tucked almost under her stomach.  "Nee Nee, what's wrong, Baby?"  "I'm still scared, Daddy!"  With that, she crawled into my lap and she was shaking.  Of all three of my Deaffies I believe Nea to be the strongest and the most brave but I guess that's when she can see the danger.  Remember, the storm still hasn't made landfall and is, at least, 12 hours away from us.  I think she can feel the storm's approach and maybe the drop in pressure.  Maybe she senses the way we're all running about buying and fixing things.

Nea couldn't get any closer to me unless she was in my shirt and she still looked worried!  "Nea, what's wrong?"  "Daddy, I'm still scared.  What if something happens?  What if we get hurt?  Who's going to take care of you and Mommy if Pickles, Piglet or me get hurt?"  What am I supposed to say to her at this point?  Mommy and I will be at work in large buildings so we're pretty safe but what about them?  The house will be fine.  All of the windows are shut, the patio furniture has been put away and there is plenty of food.  "Well, Nee Nee, I know that you will be okay!  I've been through hurricanes before and it's really going to be okay.  If I didn't think you guys would be safe then I would have just packed up and left.  That's why Matt, Liz and the Brown Dogs are coming up. They weren't safe in Norfolk because the hurricane is coming right through there!"  Wow" said Nea!  "I guess I never thought of that.  You and Mommy wouldn't let anything hurt us."  "No, Nea, we wouldn't.  I told you that when I brought you home from the shelter.  That's why we drove all the way to New Jersey to get you.  We didn't want you to be alone anymore and we wanted to love you!  I wouldn't let anything happen to ANY of you!"  "Okay, Daddy" Nea said.  "I know you love me but I'm still scared."  "Nea, please don't be scared.  If you're scared, you're not able to react; you're frozen with fear.  I want you to be frightened.  If you're frightened, you can still act.  You can help watch the Brown Dogs and help with Piglet and Pickles.  Do you understand?"  "I think I do" said Nea.  "It's okay to be frightened but not scared because I can still protect people and help out.  I can do it, Daddy!  I know I can!"  "I know you can too, Nea!"  And with that, Nea was up and playing.  I could tell that she was still nervous but she was playing with everyone else.

"Daddy!  What's a hurricane?" asked Piglet and Pickles.  "Well, girls, it's a big storm with lots of wind and rain.  Why?"  "We heard you talking to Nea about it but then we heard everything was going to be okay!"  "It will be girls.  We'll be okay!"  "Okay, Daddy!"  And off they went.  Pickles and Piglet are just wired different.  They don't seem to get nervous like Nea but if everyone was the same, wouldn't life be boring?

If you're reading this, I hope you've battened your hatches!

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