Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Adventure at the River

So, today we went to the Pony Pasture to see if the doggies wanted to swim.  I'm pretty sure that Pickles likes the water and to swim but Nea.........not so much.  We went to the Pony Pasture late in the evening and there were a fair amount of people there which surprised me.  Out of the car and down to the river we went.  First, were walked along the gravel path and down to a little clearing then into the water.  Nea jumped right in then stood there!  I think she really didn't know what she was doing and when she figured it out she froze.  But then, she walked around a bit and seemed to enjoy herself............until..........she stepped in a hole and had to swim for it and she was a pretty good swimmer!  She was a natural!  The only problem is that I was scared that Nea wouldn't swim and I went to get her and I almost fell in!  I was up to my knees and that wasn't a problem but then I almost fell.  The water felt great but I had my phone in my pocket and since I'm not independently wealthy, I decided I didn't want to drown my phone!

We got out and walked further down the patch to another clearing and got in the water again but this time, no one fell in.  As we were leaving, along came a Schnauzer NOT on his lead!  Nea did fine with him but where was the owner?  Well, apparently, around the bend of the trail.  We walked along then the owner called the Schnauzer and he went away.  Remember that we were in a city park and there is an ordinance that says all dogs will be on a leash at all times.  Hmmm........

Walking down the path further, Nea and Pickles saw the lightning bugs.  "Dad!  What's that!?" Nea said.  "Those are lightning bugs, Nea.  Their butts flash with that greenish light"  "Dad" Pickles yelled, "they're freaking me out!"  "It's okay, guys.  There's nothing to be afraid of" I said.  "Okay, Daddy."  We walked a bit further and when we turned back, they saw the deer!  "Dad!!  What's that!?  It looks like a big, tall dog!"  "Pickles, that's a deer.!"  "Oh" said Pickles, "that scared me!"  "Dad!  There are those lightning butts again!"  "Nea, they're not lightning butts, they're lightning bugs!" I said.  "Well, whoever named them, named them wrong!" Nea said.  "I'll make a note of that, Nea."  "Hey, Dad?  Does my butt light up when I'm not looking at it?  You know, like those lightning butts?"  "No, Nea, you're butt does not light up!"  Wow!  The stuff that those guys think is just too funny!

We continued on and the rest of the walk was uneventful as there were no more deer and Nea knew what lightning bugs were and was secure that her butt didn't light up!  We headed back to the car and on home.  Those guys had a great time at the park and they like to ride in the car so a good day was had by all!

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