Monday, November 29, 2010

Some Thoughts of the First Week

Well, more than a week has come and gone since we got Pickles and I just figured I'd get down some thoughts.  I wasn't sure about a deaf dog, at first, but now I know there is no other dog for me.  She's sweet and lovable and likes to be the center of attention and somehow that reminds me of someone but I just can't put my finger on who!  Pickles loves to play at the park and to chase her ball albeit for about two minutes and really likes the Bark Park.  Pickles has learned to sit when she comes in from outside and most of the time when we get ready to cross the street and has started to learn "down" and does pretty good with it.  Pickles loves her food and at first seemed like she was eating twice as much for her size.  I think that was because she wasn't sure if the next meal was going to be there or not but now has learned she eats twice a day and has snacks in between.  Pickles has toys that she takes to bed every night: her white rope toy, the squeaky toy that she ripped the squeaker out of and her Kong (or in lieu of that, the blue squeaky toy Ben and Marshall gave her).  She loves to play tug-o-war with just about anything you can tug whether it be a piece of rope, her rope toy or a stick.  Pickles is having a great time jumping on the couches and wedging herself in places where a dog won't fit sometimes.  She doesn't like going to bed if ANYONE is downstairs and barks a bit if she's not tired when it's MY bedtime and not hers.  She likes to get up at 0530 hours to eat breakfast and go to the bathroom.  I have a day shift dog and that's good, I guess, except for the weeks I'm on evening shift.  She doesn't like the squirt bottle sprayed at her when she bites someone so that biting thing has cut way down which is good because I was wondering how I was going to stop that.  She likes to eat plants, rocks and sticks.  Now, I'm not a country boy so I don't know which plants are dangerous and which ones aren't so I try not to let her eat any of them.  I know dogs eat grass when they're sick (as I've been around dogs all of my life) but this one isn't sick.  She just likes to try things so she tries EVERYTHING! 

Well, that's about it for the flight of ideas and Pickles' first week.  Stay tuned for more about Pickles.

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