Friday, November 19, 2010

Pickles' First Day

Well, Pickles is home from the SPCA where she was spayed.  We waited in the hallway for her to come from recovery (as there were many people there to pick up their pets) and when she did, she was just sort of walking until she saw me.....the she bounded up to me and started licking my hand.  We walked out of the hallway and into the reception area with people saying what a cute dog she was and talking to her but Pickles paid them no attention.  Then out of the door, down the steps (which she did with no problem) and to the truck.  I opened the door and she tried to climb in but that was after she stood up and put her front paws on the rear bumper.  Then it was the ride home.  Pickles is a good car-rider as she sat in Donna's lap in the rear seat.  She put her butt right under Donna's arm but moved her front all around.  She even bopped her nose on the window; I guess she hasn't see one before. 

When we got home, the "Welcome Home" sign was on the fence and she had her own photographer!  Photos were taken and then it was time to sniff the yard but as she was doing that, the neighbor's dog began to bark but that was not a problem as Pickles couldn't hear her.  As Pickles was exploring the yard, she went into the "poop garden" and peed.  Now, let me explain what the "poop garden" is.  The whole yard is, basically, a patio except one side (maybe 20 square feet) that is covered in mulch where we plant all of our plants in containers.  When I was lazy, tired, cold or whatever, instead of walking Maddie, I would just let her outside and she went to the "poop garden".  I was thrilled that she went without any direction to the garden because it shows that her nose works and she's picked her own outdoor location for her business. 

Pickles and her rope toy.
 Going inside was like it was her home.  She sniffed around a bit then went right to the empty water bowl looking for water (kinda not prepared there, huh?).  She had some water then went exploring and found her crate, the den and dining room then we gave her the rope toy which I know is going to be her favorite because she didn't put it down!  When she played a little tug-of-war, she grunted like a piglet then growled.  Later, after some more exploring, she had an accident and threw up but that was from the anesthesia.  I went to work but came back later as two friends from work (no names but they know who they are) brought Pickles a welcome home gift: a little ball with legs and a squeaker!  We noticed that Pickles wouldn't sit down and began to wonder why then we discovered that the floor was a little cold for her.  Donna got her a blanket and put it on the floor where she stayed until she went to bed.

So far so good.  She seemed to adjust to the house and the family pretty well and has started to learn not to bite.  When she bites, we quickly take our hands away, place them across our chest and turn away from her and she doesn't like that too much.  When we start petting again, no biting...just kisses. 

Tomorrow is her first full day with us and I know it's going to go great.  She's not a puppy so there should be no chewing on stuff but it doesn't matter because, in some places, Maddie beat her to it!  I think Pickles and Maddie would have been fast friends and inseparable and I think Maddie approves.

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